2023 NBRA Class Fees

Sanction 1 $50.00 per class 

Sanction 2 $15.00 per class 

(Must race sanction 1 @$50.00 to be eligible) 

Only racing one sanction (either 1 or 2), fee  $50.00 per class

National event $65.00 per class


April 20-23, 2023

First race of the season is almost upon us:

Last day to book hotels with NBRA discount is April 8th

See Race Site Information page for hotels available and rates

For questions concerning the race or hotels, contact 

Christy Hebert 


Tickets will be sold at registration at each race site. For more information, contact John Mathews at 1-318-794-4515.

Thank you Fernando for supporting NBRA

Contact National Office


Cherie Crews     817-692-7750