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2024 East Texas Shootout at Lake Striker Information

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Thursday May 16th:  Testing and safety inspections  12pm - 5pm

Friday May 17th:  Testing and safety inspections  11am - 5pm

Saturday May 18th:  Racing  11am - 5pm

Sunday May 19th:  Racing  12pm - 5pm

Drivers: We will have a race program for the weekend. We want to include as many driver

profiles as possible. Attached is a link to the Google form to submit your profile. We are also

asking for each driver to please submit a picture possibly in your gear with your boat. Saturday

after racing we will have an autograph session for the fans. These programs can be used at

that event. Please click on this link and fill out the form:

On Site Lodging:

For information about camping and lodging at the Lake Striker Resort, please call (903) 854-2505.

Additional Lodging & RV Site

15 minutes from race site

Contact: Mac Harris

936-205-0453 personal 

903-253-7740 Bugscuffle Inn

UPDATED Hotel Information!

Discounted rates available! Mention you are a boat racer to get the rates below!

Holiday Inn Express - Henderson, Texas

$109 per night


(22 miles east of Lake Striker Resort - larger selection of restaurants and bars)

Holiday Inn Express - Jacksonville, Texas

weeknights $89 per night / Fri - Sun $101 per night


(22 miles west of Lake Striker Resort) 

2024 Race Schedule

May 17th-19th - Reklaw, TX @ Lake Striker  Race Director - William Bowden 281-636-2011

June 7th-9th - Grove, OK @ Wolf Creek  Race Director - Rick Miller 918-791-1041

July 5th-7th - Stigler, OK @ Lake John Wells  Race Director - Ed Dawson 405-623-6555

August 23rd-25th - Centralia, IL @ Raccoon Lake  **NBRA Nationals**  Race Director - Alan Owen 618-322-1160

September 6th-8th - Decatur, IL @ Lake Decatur  Race Director - Alan Owen 618-322-1160

The 2024 NBRA Rulebook is now available. Digital and hardcopies will be available at the season opener at Lake Striker. Click the button below to view.

What is NBRA boat racing? 

The National Boat Racing Association is an organization that holds events for kneel down hydroplanes and runabouts to come together and race. These 10' to 13' long race boats are either built by specialized boat builders, or by the racers themselves. They are typically built out of wood, although some builders utilize lighter weight composite materials for added strength and a lighter finished product. There is a variety of classes that are determined by the engine size and hull type. The stock and modified outboard engines used in this type of racing range from 15 to 100 horsepower and propel these small boats to speeds that range from 50 to 100 mph depending on the class. With up to 12 boats on the water in a given heat, the drivers fly around the oval course side by side for 3 laps putting their equipment and driving ability to the test against the other competitors. This family friendly sport is fast paced and exciting to watch and be a part of. We welcome everyone to come watch the show and walk through the pits! Our race teams are always eager to show off their equipment and talk about racing. Why not spend the day at the lake watching an action packed race program? Take a look at our race schedule and come join us! 

NBRA Novice Classes

Do you want to race boats? You can! The NBRA Novice classes are a great place to start! They are entry level classes designed to allow new racers to safely gain experience driving a race boat as they learn valuable skills such as race course awareness and starting procedures. Boat racing is a very fun, family oriented sport. Many of our race teams have several generations out on the water with the youngest participants starting as early as 9 years old! A lot of our best drivers started in the Novice classes, but it's not just for kids. Adults that are looking to get into the sport benefit from it as well! We recommend that anyone without boat racing experience start off in the Novice classes and graduate as they get comfortable safely handling their boat in racing conditions.

 Do you want to try it, but don't know if you will enjoy it? Come to a race and talk to the drivers in the pits! All of the racers are excited to talk to people and teach them what racing is all about! You will likely find someone that is willing to let you jump in their boat and try it out. But, be careful...once the racing bug bites you, you're hooked! Come check us out and join our racing family!

Congrats to the winner of the 2023 Replica Raffle

Sal Esposito

Thank you Fernando for supporting NBRA

Lake Striker Test Run Aug. 26, 2023

Several Texas Race teams met at Lake Striker to put on a test run for a possible race for the 2024 Season. What a day it was! Lot's of interest from the town and plenty of  spectator's turned out to check us out. This site has plenty to offer with a great pit area, plenty of spectator areas, covered judges stand, on site restaurant, RV hook ups, and on site cabins / hotel rooms. The water was great and big enough to do the famous Texas Triangle!  

Phots by Dale Jackson

Contact National Office

Russ Sitton     409-221-9419